Number of Days

2 day, 09:00 to 16:30. Your instructor is available during lunch and after 16:30 for informal discussions about your specific area of interest or applications.

Course overview

IHE (Integrating the Health Care Enterprise) activities have resulted in a series of profiles. You will get familiar with the IHE XDS profile as well as related/supporting profiles , e.g. related to the structure of the medical documents, authentication and patient consent. The relationship between IHE XDS, Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) applications and enterprise archiving strategies will also be discussed.

Learning goals

After this training course the attendees will be able to:

  • Explain the core features of IHE XDS and related IHE profiles,
  • Identify issues related to the archiving of both documents as well as images,
  • Explain the dependencies between IHE XDS, architectures for archival (ECM, VNA, Cloud), and metadata management,
  • Determine how IHE XDS and related content management principles fit within your own context.


IHE XDS, document metadata, enterprise clinical data storage, enterprise content management (ECM), vendor neutral archives (VNA), distribution and lifecycle management, enterprise document and image management.

Who Should Attend

This training course is aimed at those involved with the design, development, implementation, deployment and support

  • of systems that use (or will use) the IHE XDS or IHE XDS-I standard,
  • of an architecture for the archival of both diagnostic images as well as (non-image) documents, in support of an Electronic Health Record incorporating all aspects of the EHR, not just medical imaging.
  • of an architecture for the exchange of documents (images as well as non-images) between departments and between organizations, in support of cross-organizational workflows.


(2 days)

  • Overview of core IHE processes and terms
    • IHE organizational, process aspects, Connectathon
    • General issues: actors, transactions, affinity domain
    • Claiming conformance to IHE profiles
  • A functional overview of XDS and XDS-I
    • cross-enterprise sharing of documents, document based EHR
    • metadata update (MUP), metadata based subscription (DSUB)
  • Affinity domain issues (also: CT, PIX/PDQ/PAM, SVS, ATNA)
  • Example project #1: document exchange within a healthcare provider organisation
  • Enterprise Content management (ECM)
    • Long term archival of clinical data (inclusive of images)
    • Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), Retention policy, Migration Issues
  • Documents and Document metadata
    • Document metadata, Dublin Core, MoReq2010, ODaF, XDS Metadata
    • Document standards: e.g. CDA, DICOM SR, DICOM KOS, PDF/A3
  • Exercise: document metadata
  • XDS in-depth: details of the XDS, XDS-I, XDR/XDM profiles
  • Example project #2: MammoXML – XDS-I and lifecycle management, data migration issues
  • Access control and Authentication
    • Overview of the EUA, PWP, HPD, XUA profiles – user authentication, user directories
    • Overview of Patient Consent related profiles (BPPC)
  • Cross affinity domain issues, XCA, XCA-I for DICOM images
  • Exercise (group discussion): affinity domain, XCA
  • Content workflow, XDW
  • Example project #3: XCA and XDW
  • Content profiles
    • Overview of the HL7 CDA standard, CDA Implementation Guides
    • Relationship between CDA and DICOM SR
    • Document Management Systems (DMS)
  • Exercise: document formats
  • Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)
    • VNA and its relationship to PACS, DMS – archival strategies
    • IHE XDS as a ‘virtual VNA’
    • Enhancing a VNA with non-DICOM objects, enhancing an existing EMR with images
  • Example project #4: XDS + VNA, with DMS already in place, and an XCA-ready architecture.
  • Summary


Attendees are assumed to have a basic understanding of XML, DICOM, HL7v2, Webservices and healthcare workflows.

Number of Attendees per Class

Min 6, Max 20.

Course Materials

Ringholm will provide each participant with handouts containing all materials

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