Health Level Seven International (HL7) is the global authority on standards for interoperability of health information technology with members in over 55 countries.

By joining HL7 UK, you gain access to our standards, and you help us to create the best and most widely used standards in healthcare.

Any person or organisation involved or interested in healthcare system interoperability may join.

Membership lasts for 12 months from the date of joining.

All members have:

  • Free access to HL7 standards documentation, including those originated in the UK and the US or by any other HL7 international affiliate.
  • Access to the HL7 UK closed e-mail lists and password protected areas of the HL7 UK website.Members-only access to the main HL7 website in the US.
  • Reduced membership rates for attendance at any HL7 meetings which have a charge (including those outside the UK).
  • Free attendance at all HL7 UK meetings (other than those which carry a surcharge).



Gives the organisation the right to download HL7 documents for use within the organisation, to send as many people as desired to HL7 UK meetings, and cast up to three votes on behalf of the organisation.

The fact the organisation is a member can be used in correspondence and advertising, along with the HL7 UK logo.



Gives all the benefits of Organisation membership, but also displays the organisation’s logo on the HL7 UK home page.

The fact the organisation is a Benefactor can be used in correspondence and advertising.



Entitles the person named to download and use HL7 documents for personal use only, to attend HL7 UK meetings and cast one vote.

Note that the documents must not be shown or copied to any other person or organisation, neither must they be used for any commercial purpose; to do so is a breach of the membership conditions.



Entitles the person named to download and use HL7 documents for personal use only and to attend HL7 UK meetings.

Students who are undertaking healthcare or information technology related courses of study may apply for Student Membership of HL7 UK. Student Membership shall be available at the discretion of the Management Board.