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1801, 2022

UK Core Ballot Update

January 18th, 2022|

UK Core Ballot Update






The first UK Core Ballot is now closed and the comments have been collated. Over 500 comments were received – these will be invaluable in making a UK Core that works well for everyone, Many thanks to all that have contributed. 

But of course there is still much more to do in this ballot round. All comments need to be reviewed and acted on. Once some administrative work is done, open review meetings will shortly be announced so do keep an eye on this page for more updates. 

The unprocessed collated comments and votes are in this sheet: 

HL7 UK Ballot Comment Submission Sheet (UK Core 0.1.0) – Consolidated 2022-01-04.xlsx

See https://confluence.hl7.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=81008141 for details.

1611, 2021

UK Core Ballot – Closes Wednesday 22 December

November 16th, 2021|

UK Core Ballot – Closes Wednesday 22 December







Welcome to the HL7 UK blog where we will be posting items of interest to our members together with the wider stakeholder community including health and care providers, IT system suppliers and professional bodies.

This first post concerns the current HL7 FHIR® UK Core R4 (version 0.1.0) STU (Standard for Trial Use) Ballot. The deadline is just before midnight on Wednesday 22 December and we welcome feedback from everyone, whether members of HL7 UK or not.

All comments will be considered in the same way, irrespective of who submits them but only members of HL7 UK can submit a formal vote. We encourage everyone to participate and further information can be found at:


For those who are not familiar with the background, we are balloting the Implementation Guide (IG) at:


The UK Core facilitates a standardised and unified approach to the use of FHIR in the UK, and interoperability as a whole. The IG provides building blocks and guidance that everyone can use to ease the burden of development and to speed up implementation. The profiles in the IG will lay the foundation for common information exchange, increasing alignment between all UK Core based solutions and systems.

The ballot follows three rounds of UK-wide consultation through the Clinical and Technical Assurance process run by the UK Core Development Team. It is a major milestone and important step in progressing the use of the R4 version of FHIR in the UK.

The version being balloted includes 12 FHIR resource profiles to form a baseline able to support the exchange of Medication and Allergy information.

The intention is to continue to grow and develop the IG based on prioritised needs where there is sufficient alignment across the UK.

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