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Date Course Register
June 13, 14, 16, 17 2022 FHIR Overview – Online Version Book Here
Spring / Summer 2022 HL7 Version 2 – Online Version Register your interest here
Spring / Summer 2022 DICOM/HL7/IHE Standards Overview – Online Version Register your interest here
Spring / Summer 2022 IHE XDS/XDS-I Overview – Online Version No longer available – see here for details

Other Courses

We also run the following courses when there is sufficient demand:

Course Title Next Course
FHIR Profiling TBC – Please email to register interest
HL7 CDA Overview TBC – Please email to register interest
HL7 ITK Interoperability Toolkit TBC – Please email to register interest

“I recently attended HL7 UK’s two day training course on the Interoperability Toolkit and I’d strongly recommend it to anyone working in the field of healthcare integration. In Rene Spronk, HL7 have secured a course presenter of global standing in this field and reflecting the breadth of his knowledge, the course ranges widely over the HL7 and IHE and roots of the ITK. In fact, I’d say the course is worth attending just for that (though knowledge of HL7 v2 is assumed). Moreover, even if you think that ITK has no relevance to you, I’d suggest you attend if only to challenge your preconceptions. I think you might be surprised, as I was, at the potential scope of ITK, which is now a very substantial and pretty impressive body of work. The biggest challenge is in fact finding your way around the documentation and this is something the course specifically focuses on. The IT strategy of every NHS organisation of any size should reference the ITK in some degree. If you’re in any doubt about how you would do that, I recommend that you attend this course”

David Bowen, EPR Programme Manager Great Ormond Street Hospital

“I found the ITK training course to be very informative; enabling me to far better understand the architecture of the ITK and make better use of the materials available. I now feel that Amor Group can progress a strategy towards accreditation bringing a number of advantages to us. I would recommend this course to anyone who is about to embark on implementing of the ITK.”

Tim Davies, System Architect, Amor Group
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Terms and Conditions

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