FHIR Profiling – Where to start?

  • David Hay’s presentation at the 2016 FHIR DevDays provides an excellent introduction to FHIR profiling. He provides an outline of the full process of applying FHIR to a real problem, from clinical/business need to FHIR based solutions, including but not limited to making a profile using his ClinFHIR tool:
  • Michel Rutten’s presentation on FHIR Profiling at the 2016 FHIR DevDays takes the next step, introducing the technical foundations and profile data:
  • When you’ve gone through those two, you will have a good background to help you understand the profiling section of the FHIR specification:

FHIR Profiling – Where to go next?

   FHIR Profiling – Tools

   Background and ‘current affairs’

  • Rene Spronk’s HL7 FHIR Vimeo channel contains all the DevDays videos (and more) https://vimeo.com/channels/hl7fhir/page:1
    • All the DevDays presentations are also on Slideshare, though they take a bit of finding.