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HL7 V3

Since 1996, HL7 has been working on a new generation of standards known as Version 3 (V3). This new generation differs from V2 in that all standards developed under V3 arise from an underlying Reference Information Model (RIM), by applying a set of development steps defined in the HL7 Development Framework (HDF).

The aim of V3 is to produce consistency in definition of different information objects and their representation in messages, thus allowing for easier implementation and the definition of clearer conformance requirements. Furthermore, the underlying modelling approach allows for the definition of standards for information representation other than just messages including forms, decision-support mechanisms and electronic patient record structures.

HL7 V3 standards are developed as syntax-independent models. The current preferred implementation technology is Extensible Mark-up Language (XML). HL7 is well represented in the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) concerned with the future development of XML.

The HL7 v3 2011 Normative Edition is available for members to download.

HL7 UK Members must be aware when downloading HL7 Standards or other material from HL7 International website that the use of all Material is governed by the terms of the current HL7 IP Policy. Prior to material download you will be prompted with the HL7 International Licence Agreement determining the use of the material.  Please read the terms applicable to use of the material carefully.

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To download HL7 V3 specifications from the HL7.org web site

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