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HL7 International Ballots

The following site lists all International meetings and events meeting information page. HL7 UK Members qualify for a discounted rate and a healthy contingent regularly attend these international meetings.

July 2013 Ballot  Off-Cycle

Health Level Seven International® invites you to take part in the formation of ballot groups for the upcoming July 2013 ballot off-cycle. The candidate standards and other documents described in this announcement are expected to ballot prior to HL7's May 2013 Working Group Meeting (WGM). Comments received in response to these ballots will be addressed at that WGM running May 2013 WGM being held in Atlanta, Georgia..

Ballot Close Date: Monday, July 20, 2013

Standards Classifications

These items are based on or associated with the following standards or other classifications:

The HL7 Ballot Desktop for voting on candidate standards and documents can be found at http://www.hl7.org/ctl.cfm?action=ballots.home. HL7 UK have signed up for all relevant ballot pools and if you would like to comment on the Ballots please email the HL7 UK TC Chair

To view the ballot page you must login to HL7 UK and select the revealed "Login to HL7.org" link in the HL7 INTERNATIONAL menu to the left of this text.

HL7 UK Voting Record

To view how HL7 UK voted and have voted in previous ballots please visit our Voting Record...>>

View the HL7.org Publishing Schedule for May 2013...>>

V3 Ballot Downloads

By downloading or ordering any HL7 standard or other Material (as defined below), member agrees to be bound by all licensing and other terms and conditions relating to HL7 standards and other work products that are displayed at the time that member downloads such Material, that appear as legends or notices on such Material, or that otherwise accompany such Material at the time of receipt by the member. See HL7 Policy Governing the use of HL7® International Standards and other Intellectual Property (opens in new window)

There is also a ballot site archive, which allows you to navigate to previous ballot sites: http://www.hl7.org/v3ballot/html/index.htm

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