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The HL7 FHIR team announces the publication of the 2nd DSTU at http://hl7.org/fhir. This is an extensive rewrite of all parts of the specification.  Some highlights are:

  • Simplifies the RESTful API

  • Extends search and visioning significantly

  • Increases the power and reach of the conformance resources and tools

  • Defines a terminology service

  • Broadens functionality to cover new clinical, administrative and financial areas

  • Incorporates thousands of changes in exisiting areas in response to trial use

  • As part of publishing this version the quality of the process and the specification and overall consistency is much improved.  A full list of changes to the FHIR standard can be found at http://hl7.org/fhir/history.html#history

   FHIR Wiki 

  • FHIR Wiki - The HL7 UK FHIR Forum Wiki is available for HL7 UK Members and other interested parties.  Access details are:
    URL: http://www.hl7uk-wiki.org.uk/wiki/index.php?title=FHIR
    Server Username: wuki
    Server Password: wukiwuki

    The wiki is open to all interested parties.  To edit pages you must create an additional user account.  Please use an identifiable user name.  If the webmaster cannot identify you by name or email address then your account will be blocked.


  • FHIR Hack Days.  HL7 UK run regular FHIR hacking days.  Contact the TC Chair if you are interested in participating or hosting a FHIR Hack Day. These are informal days of programming and testing with other FHIR users. You will have the opportunity to work hands-on with FHIR experts and beginners, to write code and explore what you can build. 

  • International HL7 FHIR Developers' Days

   Download Links

    Links to download the FHIR Standard are listed below

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