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ITK Release V3.1 release

28 July 2014

A new ITK TRUD release is now available. The Interoperability Toolkit (ITK) documentation set has been simplified and re-written in order to make it easier to understand. The new style includes colour coding and accreditation applicability indicators, the reference numbers of the requirements and the respective content are exactly the same as our previous issue. In summary this means that there is no need to re-accredit existing accreditations.

Existing TRUD subscriber, will now experience that requests for subscription to the following packs will undergo an automatic authorisation process on access.

ITK Architecture

ITK Core

ITK Trust Operating Model

ITK Accreditation

ITK Spine Mini Service Provider

This means that you will get notifications from TRUD in the normal fashion.

The entry point on TRUD to get to the documentation is here ; from the TRUD homepage follow “Interoperability Framework” from the Collections menu.

As with the existing TRUD approach each pack has an associated zip file which is available for download to subscribers. Subscribers, on decompressing the downloaded files will find a set of folders and an index.html file that will provide the entry point for documentation navigation.

The included index file serves as a key for further navigation within the downloaded pack and will lead to the respective specification descriptions and the associated documents. These downloaded zip files can be used off-line.

Rendering the pack may be different depending on the browser and version you use. You may also see an “Active X” related security warning; you will need to enable that to make the pack work. As ever the zips you download do not pose any threat to your computer nor breach your privacy in anyway.

Two new specifications are now available for general consultations and comment. These are:

•               ITK Specification for Transaction Messaging Service (TMS)

•               ITK Specification for Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) 

These documents can be found in the release candidate section.

Please note that the newly introduced ITK Service (Web Service) can be implemented in both SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2. 

For general enquiries you can contact the HSCIC Interoperability Team via email toolkit.enquiries@hscic.gov.uk

14 October 2013

A new release of the interoperability toolkit is now available for download from the following directory.

NHS Interoperability Toolkit Issued Specifications home under the ITK NHS Interoperability Toolkit Accreditation section

New at v3.1

- Updates to reflect HSCIC Transition

- Supplier Certified Requirements Coverage spreadsheet up-issued to version 6.0. to include automated requirements filtering

- ITK Service Listing spreadsheet updated to include Child Screening and also to include a column for ProfileID

- Request for ITK Accreditation form removed and now included within the Supplier Certified Requirements Spreadsheet

For any ITK enquiries not related to the TRUD download process, please contact the ITK Accreditation Team.

We recommend all user access and download using the new TRUD site.

Registration for each sub pack is required in order to download the each specification.

To express an interest in deploying first of type, or for technical enquiries not related to the TRUD download process, please contact ITK Toolkit enquiries

For all TRUD download queries,
You can also telephone for advice and support.
Our telephone number is +44 0845 13 00 114
and our FAX number is +44 1392 206945.
We are available weekdays from 9am to 5pm.

If you no longer want to receive e-mails related to your subscriptions you can use Manage subscriptions to change your e-mail preferences.

If you no longer want to receive e-mails related to TRUD in general you can use Change the account details to change this preference.


If you have any questions regarding the above contact datastandards@nhs.net.  This is the preferred form of communication

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