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Ringholm Training

Ringholm is a group of experts in the field of data integration and systems integration in healthcare IT.

When it comes to training our aim is to build experts through interactive training. The Ringholm consultants have years of experience in delivering 'hands-on consultancy' and 'stuff that works'.

Training and workshops are provided on-site, off-site, and through e-Learning. These allow you and your organization to maximize your efficiency by learning how to take full advantage of standards (e.g. HL7 v2/v3/CDA, DICOM, IHE and EdiFact) and integration toolkits in order to achieve application interoperability.

Training is provided throughout the year in various European cities, the courses are also available in the form of on-site training.

See http://www.ringholm.com/en/training.htm for additional information.

Training Providers: 
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There is no cost to HL7 UK Members

Last modified 14/07/11