HL7 delivers healthcare interoperability standards

HL7 UK Technical Committee

Chair: Rik Smithies

The Technical Committee is the principal committee of HL7 UK. It meets in working meetings several times a year, which may be face-to-face or by teleconference as required to support the ongoing work of the TC. To view dates of these meetings go to the HL7 UK Calendar.

If you have any matter to raise concerning the work of the TC please contact the TC Chair.

HL7 UK Technical Committee Steering Group

The TC steering group provides support to the TC chair and acts as a proxy for the full Technical Committee in matters to do with routine business of the Technical Committee. The full membership is:

  • Rik Smithies (TC chair & regional lead for Wales)
  • Richard Kavanagh (regional lead for England)
  • Charlie McCay (ordinary member)
  • Philip Scott (Chair)
  • Paul Woolman (regional lead for Scotland, also covering NI)

Technical Committee Subgroups

The rest of the former TC subgroups have lapsed. Subgroups may be formed again in future as needed. The charters and other documents from the lapsed subgroups are available in the members repository and are linked below.

Last modified 23/06/13