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Change Your Email Address

Your email address is used for three purposes by HL7 UK:

  1. Mailing lists

  2. Invoicing and administration

  3. Members contact.


  1. To change your email address on the mailing lists:

    • log in to the site, click on Mailing Lists below log in area..

    • click on link to view the active UK lists, select the mailing list

    • scroll down to the last section [mailing list name] Subscribers

    • enter address and select Unsubscribe or edit options

    • enter password (use password reminder if necessary)

    • amend details in the Changing your [mailing list name] membership information section (if you belong to more than one list and wish to change your address to all then tick the Change globally box).

  2. To change your email/postal address for invoicing and administration:

  3. To change your contact address on this web site (used only for members to contact each via the Members Directory):

  4. To change your password:

    • click Change Password at top right.

Note that the email address you supplied when you joined is used on the members list for members to contact each other via this web site.  If you wish to change this,  email secretariat@hl7.org.uk with the details.

Last modified 12/09/07