HL7 UK 2003


11-12th December 2003

Le Méridien Russell Hotel, London, UK


HL7 UK 2003 was the largest Conference and Exhibition in Europe devoted to HL7 Version 3 and focused on practical implementation. It brought together the latest developments and the best and most experienced presenters, working at the leading edge. HL7 Version 3 is a key foundation of the NHS National Programme for Information Technology (NPfIT) and the NHS Care Records Service (NCRS).


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Tim Jones

NPfIT Interoperability - The Role of HL7 v3

Clement McDonald *

Healthcare Interoperability - Past Efforts, Present Benefits, Future Prospects

Kai Heitmann *

HL7 Activities in Europe

Colin Price & David Markwell

Terminology and HL7

Julie James *

HL7 Medication and UKCPRS

Anthony Mottram

Close Encounters of the Structured Kind - HL7 in the NHS

Mark Oswold *

Web Services Interoperability Standards in Healthcare

Andrew Hinchley

Infrastructure for Fast, Reliable and Secure HL7 Messaging

Tim Benson

Modelling Clinical Information using UML

Charlie Mead

Visual Modelling and HL7

Charlie McCay

HL7 Version 3 Process and Tools

Mike Robinson

HL7 UK and the Supplier Community

Keith Naylor

Vendors and Interoperability

Martin Whittaker

National Services Business Analysis and HL7

Peter Johnson

HL7, the Virtual EHR and Decision Support

Tom de Jong *

Medication Supply Registry Project and Demonstration in the Netherlands

Leo Fogarty *

GP2GP Clinical Semantics

Colin Gordon

HL7 and Care Pathways

Dave Nurse

Referrals and Discharge




HL7 Version 3 for Complete Beginners

Presenter: Tim Benson, Abies Ltd.

This tutorial describes the overall aims of HL7 version 3, the HL7 Version 3 development process, and each of the primary building blocks – the RIM (reference information model), Vocabulary, Datatypes, RMIMs and CMETs. This Tutorial is on the day before the main conference starts and is intended to enable newcomers to HL7 to get quickly up to speed to benefit from the remainder of the conference and other more advanced tutorials.


Introduction to XML

Presenter: Mr Philip Johnstone, CSW Group Ltd.

This tutorial introduces XML as a technology, from its origins through to current developments of XML standards. The course includes understanding the XML, XML schema and the XML stylesheet language XSL/T. Worked examples using healthcare data are used throughout. Attendance at this course will provide sufficient background XML knowledge for those who wish to begin looking at the use of XML within HL7 Version 3.


XML in HL7 Version 3 Presenter: Charles McCay, Ramsey Systems Ltd, Chair HL7 UK Technical Committee.

This tutorial describes the way that XML is used in HL7 version 3, not only as the syntax for exchanging messages, but also as the technological base of the development process, the tools and the implementation of XML messages in healthcare systems. The particular XML conventions adopted by the HL7 community are described. This tutorial is aimed specifically at programmers who work with XML, schema and style-sheets.


HL7 Version 3 Tools Presenter: Dr David Markwell, Clinical Information Consultancy, Chair HL7 UK.

This advanced tutorial is aimed at message developers and explains the use, purpose and architecture of the latest generation of HL7 Version 3 tools, including the RMIM Designer (Visio), Rose Tree, the Repository and PubDb, the Schema Generator and the CIC Message Viewer and Document Editor.


HL7 Version 3 Network and Security Infrastructure

Presenter: Andrew Hinchley, CPL Consulting.

This advanced tutorial covers those aspects of HL7 Version 3 messages and services that lie outside the message payload itself, such as wrappers, transport protocols (SOAP, ebXML message service), security services including authorisation and authentication.


HL7 Version 3 Pharmacy

Presenter: Hugh Glover, Blue Wave Informatics

This tutorial discusses the HL7 Version 3 Medication DMIM and RMIMs in detail, providing a detailed process-specific view of HL7 Version 3 for those with an interest in, or knowledge of ePrescribing. It shows how HL7 Version 3 represents the dynamic processes and also discusses some of the areas of difficulty, such as complex dosage instructions, specification of drugs, repeat prescribing etc.


Transfer of Care

Presenter: Dave Nurse, CSW Group Ltd.

This tutorial examines the scenarios of the transfer or sharing of patient care with particular reference to the NHS National Programme for IT, followed by a review of current thinking and development of HL7 Version 3 messages in support of this. This tutorial provides a useful introduction in understanding the clinical context and technological challenges in the transfer and sharing of care in a truly integrated healthcare environment.


The GP2GP Project In Depth

Presenter: Dr Andrew Perry, Clinical Information Consultancy.

This tutorial discusses the GP2GP project in detail, showing how the HL7 Version 3 structure has been used to exchange complete EHRs between systems developed by different suppliers. It discusses the rationale for the project, the difficulties overcome, how what has been learnt is being used in the National Programme, and the probable way forward. This Tutorial is more wide-ranging and less technical than those on Prescribing and Requests and Reports.


HL7 Version 3 Requests and Reports

Presenter: Nick Apperley, NPfIT.

This tutorial discusses the HL7 Version 3 Orders and Reports RMIM in detail, providing a detailed problem-specific view of HL7 Version 3 for those with an interest in clinical laboratory requests and reports. It shows how HL7 Version 3 is used to deal with the wide variety of test result formats and specimens, test profiles, normal ranges, anti-biotic sensitivities, etc.


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