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HL7 UK Interoperability Forum, 27th November 2018

The next Interoperability Forum will be at NCVO, London and Patients Know Best will be showing how they are using FHIR to empower patients. We've got good representation from the major suppliers: InterSystems will also be talking FHIR, showing how it is being used in the London Digital Programme, and Allscripts will be explaining how they built their FHIR API. Also news and updates from other UK interoperability projects, with a special update from Wales.

You are sure to get inspiration for your own projects, network with peers from the NHS and suppliers, and get valuable insights from UK interop leaders.

The event is free for HL7 members - non-members are permitted to attend one meeting. To view the agenda see here, and register here.

HL7 FHIR DevDays Amsterdam 2018

The fifth edition of the foremost HL7 FHIR event in the world – FHIR DevDays – takes place from the 14th to 16th of November in Amsterdam. The programme has been updated to the latest developments in FHIR. Over 60 tutorials, short keynotes and hands-on sessions provide a unique learning experience. The speakers’ list includes experts from both EHR vendors, tech companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon, and innovative care providers. FHIR DevDays is organized by Firely, in partnership with HL7 International, HL7 Netherlands and the FHIR Foundation. More details and registration are on the FHIR DevDays website, here.

HL7 UK Transforms Registry

Building data transforms is a key requirement for local and regional healthcare interoperability. It is expensive and causes delays. Sharing of experience, requirements and effort between trusts and suppliers will make it happen faster. The HL7 UK Transform Registry does this. Visit the registry to register a transform you are building, or see what is there.

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