HL7 delivers healthcare interoperability standards

Health Level Seven International (HL7) is the global authority on standards for interoperability
 of health information technology with members in over 55 countries.

By joining HL7 UK, you gain access to our standards community, and you help us to create the best
 and most widely used standards in healthcare.

HL7 UK Training Program for 2015

HL7 UK are holding trainer led courses for  HL7 Standards V2, XDS,  CDA/ITK, HL7/IHE/DICOM and FHIR Basics and Advanced.  Held in London, Waterloo close to many transport links.  The next offering begins in May and we currently have 20% disounts for Early Bird Bookings.  Register early to secure a spot.  Follow this link for more details and online booking

HL7 UK Interoperability Forum 26th March

The last HL7 UK Interoperability Forum took place on 26th March at NCVO London.  This is a free event for members and gives the opportunity to hear the latest developments and projects and meet with other members.  Links to some of the presentations are now available.

HL7 International Working Group Meeting - Paris, May 2015

HL7 are hosting the next International Working Group Meeting in Paris, France.  HL7 working group meetings are an invaluable educational resource for the healthcare IT community. This is a great opportunity for UK members to attend as it is just quick hop across the Channel. See the following links 
.    Registration
.    An invite from HL7 CEO Charles Jaffe MD, PhD
.    eHealth Policy Agenda

HL7.org Fundamentals Online Workshops

HL7 International are offering a 15-week Online Workshop for HL7 Standards V2, V3, CDA and FHIR.  The next offering begins 12th March.  Register early to secure a spot.  The HL7 Fundamentals course provides an introduction to HL7 and its family of standards.  Follow this link for more details and how to register.

HL7 Launches Joint Argonaut Project to Advance FHIR

HL7 Leading Health IT industry vendors and providers collaborate with HL7 to accelerate development and adoption of FHIR.

HL7 UK V2 App

HL7 UK members can access a new app from Google Store. To find out more and get the unlock code, follow this link.

FHIR Proposed as Standard API for Healthcare

A major US company has responded to US Government call for health care companies to publish their APIs.  They suggest that a set of incompatible APIs do not move things forward. FHIR makes for a better data access standard and the issue has parallels in the GPSoC initiative to mandate open APIs.  Click for more.

HL7 UK FHIR Forum Email List

An open email list has been set up for those interested in FHIR. This is also where the HL7  UK FHIR Forum will discuss issues, and send out notifications.  Sign up to the email list via this link.

HL7 UK FHIR Wiki and FHIR Hack Days

A FHIR Wiki has been set up for use by interested parties. To find out how to access the FHIR Wiki and for more information on FHIR follow this link.

CDA Security Update Release

A fix has been supplied for a potential vulnerability in the standard rendering stylesheet for CDA.  The vulnerability is that script (e.g. javascript) could be embedded in CDA markup and sent to a system that unintentionally executes this script when rendering. Follow this link to see more details.


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