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Health Level Seven International (HL7) is the global authority on standards for interoperability
 of health information technology with members in over 55 countries.

By joining HL7 UK, you gain access to our standards community, and you help us to create the best
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  • First Major Release of FHIR Published

    After a two year development HL7 FHIR has been published as an official Draft Standard for Trial Use (DSTU). The DSTU label has been used with prior HL7 specifications with varying intentions. Not all those making use of FHIR may be familiar with HL7 Standards Processes.  For this reason, the FHIR Management Group is providing the following guidance for the users of the FHIR specification to make clear HL7's intentions.
  • New Suite of HL7 UK Training Courses Now Available

    HL7 UK have new training courses now available for 2014.  Along with our established training on HL7 V2 we have introduced the following new courses 'Hands-on FHIR', 'IHE XDS Enterprise Archiving, VNA and ECM', and 'HL7/IHE/DICOM/CDA Standards Overview'. These are all run by tutors expert in the subject content, and booking for all courses in Q1/Q2 2014 is now open. For full training descriptions and online booking follow the link above.
  • Academy calls for Standards Adoption

    A new report from The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges - i-care: Information, Communication and Technology in the NHS - says that the structure and content of records must be standardized across the NHS.
  • First HL7 UK FHIR Hackathon, held 12th December 2013

    HL7 UK held a FHIR hack day at the NCVO London on 12th December. In attendance we had one of the world's leading FHIR experts - Ewout Kramer, of Furore in the Netherlands.  Ewout gave an excellent FHIR day at an HL7 UK Technical Committee earlier in the year and is one of the three people who initiated FHIR at HL7 International.
  • HL7 UK Interoperability Forum - 22nd November 2013

    HL7 UK held an Interoperability Forum on Friday 22nd November in London. Industry speakers presented on topics covering  CDA, FHIR and EHR Implementation. Slides and presentations from the event are available to view.
  • HL7 UK TC Chair Report on September Working Group Meeting

    Technical Committee Chair's report on the Working Group Meeting held in Cambridge Massachusetts, September 2013.
  • New Information Standards Website Launched

    A new site has been launched (by the NHS), dedicated to information standards in health and social care. The site was developed by the Health and Social Care Information Centre, NHS England, the Department of Health and other commissioning partners. The website is intended to support delivery of health and social care. It provides a space where you can locate information standards and supporting materials and participate in the development of standards, share existing work and collaborate on new initiatives. 
  • eHealth Interoperability Framework Study

    The European Commission has recently published a study on the forthcoming eHealth Interoperability Framework.  The study describes the background and rationale for the framework. 
  • HL7 UK Whitepaper on the NHS England Technology Fund

    Expressions of interest for the "Safer Hospitals, Safer Wards" Technology Fund had to be in by 31st July, but Trusts may still be wondering how best to use the standards mentioned in the NHS document - and perhaps in those bids. This new whitepaper from HL7 UK sets out a recommended strategy for making use of the technologies that NHS England recommends. 
  • HL7 Version 3 Normative Edition 2013

    HL7 Version 3 Normative Edition 2013 is now available to download from the standards section of the HL7 website.  Follow this link to see what the publication includes and link to download

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